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November 26, 2013 

ROCHESTER, MN - Since its beginning in 1975, Baier’s Engine Service has been committed to providing the finest engines possible to the racing community. Owner Jim Baier said, “We have always strived to deliver high quality, affordable and competitive solutions to our customers.”


From beginner classes and beyond, circle track, drag racing and everything in between, Baier’s has a competitive package to fit your class and budget; they have the knowledge, skills and equipment to put you in the winner’s circle time and time again.

Baier’s Engine has stocked its showroom for all of your racing and engine needs. With popular cylinder heads, shortblocks and all the components to build and maintain your racing engines at their fingertips, they can get you back on the track quickly. Baier’s is a dealer for most major brands and offers competitive pricing, often lower than mail order, and fast delivery on hard-to-find parts. Diamond Pistons, Comp Cams, Brodix, Holley, Moroso, FelPro, ARP, SRP/JE Pistons, Callies, Racetec Pistons, Aeroquip, Dart, Scott Plug Wires, Pro System Carbs, ATI Dampers, VP Racing Fuel, Schaffers, Brad Penn and Joe Gibbs Driven Oils are just a few of the brands stocked. AMD restoration parts and Nitrous Oxide are also available. Baier’s is also a member of the World Products Engine Builder Program.

Baier’s Engine Service moved to its current location in 1991. In 2005 the shop was doubled in size allowing for additional space to keep adding the equipment necessary to continue as a leader in performance machining. “The additional space currently houses our RMC 4 axis CNC machining center and Superflow SF902 dyno,” said Jim Baier. “After attending the PRI show in 2013, who knows what equipment or new products will be brought home this year. We are always attending seminars, training programs and anything to help make our engines the best they can be at a cost to the racer that is very affordable.”

Unlike many shops, Baier’s has gone the extra steps to ensure the highest quality and most affordable engines. Baier’s has measuring devices for cylinder wall thickness, top quality bore gauges and micrometers, a Profilometer for measuring deck, cylinder wall and other surface finishes that the piston ring and gasket manufacturers require.


“We have found that with the investment of higher quality tools we are able to offer lower cost, higher quality and more competitive engines,” explained Baier. “Do it right and do it once. We do what others don’t have the equipment to do or are just unable to do. We accept challenges.”

This complete machine shop does all crankshaft, cylinder head, and block work in-house, ensuring confidentiality of your combination. Crankshaft services include grinding, polishing, balancing, and stroking. Cylinder head porting, flowbench testing, angle milling, and competition valve jobs are just a few of the services performed. Block work such as roller camshaft bearings, splayed caps, lifter bushings, line honing and line boring are just part of the long list of services available in their truly “Complete Machine Shop.”

One of the newest things added to Baier’s arsenal is the addition of a new Superflow SF902 2500 hp engine dyno. This is in place and they  have been testing continuously. “This is one of the most accurate and capable dynos out there and gives us that extra edge along with the capability to test up to 2500 hp; we have already upgraded to a O2 Sensor system and Multi-fit bellhousing, which allows us to test a variety of engines and have more accurate AFR readings,” said shop foreman Corey Herman.    

Baier’s also recently replaced their SF110 flowbench with a Superflow SF600 flowbench with Flowcom. “This will flow a tremendous amount of air and with the flowcom allow a quick and accurate flow reading,” he added.

One of the superstars at Baier’s Engine is the RMC Block Machining CNC machine. This machine allows Baier’s to machine blocks to accuracy that can’t be equaled by the use of multiple machines or precision fixtures.

Just being able to do all these processes alone on one machine eliminates variances from switching from machine to machine, explained Baier. “This CNC allows us to blueprint the bores to the exact factory centerline specs, deck the block to specific heights at a true 90 degrees, machine a fresh surface on the intake rail, machine for full width splayed 4-bolt main caps, stroker clearance, O-ring the deck, machine for lifter bushings and install Darton sleeve kits in Aluminum blocks,” said Baier. 

Baier’s has programs available for all of the common engines with others only a phone call and download away. One of the newest services they offer on the CNC is a lightening program for the Dart little blocks. This can profile the outside of the block, profile the lifter valley, remove the fuel pump housing, remove the oil filter pad and scallop the bellhousing area. The best part, said Baier, is you can select all of the lightening or select which areas you want lightened.

Baier’s has shipped CNC machined blocks throughout the country so if you need one, they can arrange shipping at a competitive price also. They can also factory drop-ship parts right to you if you can’t make it to their southeast Rochester location.

“Some of our circle track customers include Nick, Roger and Doug Herrick, Neil Eckhart, Nick Schwebach, Ed Vankirk and Rick Milinkovich,” Baier stated. “Drag racers Dean, Adam and Nick Mesenbring, Adam Albee, Dale Kiehne, Corey Herman, Mark Weerheim and Ryan Paske are also covered with Baier’s Power.” 

Tractor Pullers, Mud Boggers, Snowmobile Racers – it’s hard to find a type of motorsport that Baier’s has not or will not do work for.

Baier’s Engine Service is located at 2915 20th St. SE, Rochester, MN 55904. They are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday and Saturday by appointment. The telephone number is (507) 282-5586. You can check them out on the web at www.baiersengine.com.

Feel free to call or email Jim or Corey, or better yet stop in to get a shop tour and discuss your racing program.

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